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LostPlumberLuigi's News

Posted by LostPlumberLuigi - September 7th, 2019

Hey ya'll. Been awhile. As you see, I've changed the page. I'm working on getting my username changed so it matches the rest of my social media.

I got one really big project in the work. Stay tuned

Posted by LostPlumberLuigi - February 8th, 2015

I've been recently getting back into flash animation, school is making it hard though, I'm busy with course work.


I'm working on some new fatalities, but I'm not going to post them one at a time like I have been.


Till then friends.

Posted by LostPlumberLuigi - November 27th, 2014

NO I'm NOT dead, just been busy with college work.


As such I've had to reload my Laptop several times, my flash is gone. :( I still have all my old files but no way to edit them. In due time.


I've mostly been working on my pixel art and the like, check it out on my site.


Till next time.

Posted by LostPlumberLuigi - January 1st, 2013

Long time no see eh? Yes I'm alive, and still working on stuff. Firstly though, I feel updating is in order. Okay, I'm in college now, working on a computer bushiness degree so I can find a job as a network administrator in the real world, so I don't have a lot of time. In light of this, I'm scaling my flash work down. I'm still technically new at this flash production thing so I'm just going to stick with making animations at this point. I'm not necessarily canceling all my previous projects, I still hope to make that godzilla game one day, just putting them on hiatus at this point.

I think that about covers everything.

Until next time paisanos.

P.S. I can spell now.

Posted by LostPlumberLuigi - February 27th, 2012

The new game (no not that one) I'm working which is a side-scrolling sc-fi shooter is coming along good, but I've hit a snag. I've set my own function is ActionScript but when the action happens in-game the function doesn't fire. It's not TO big of a deal because I get the action to work fine when it's not under my function. This is what I get for being a newb at AS.

If any of you can enlighten me it would be appreciated.

By the by, I'm using ActionScript 2.

Posted by LostPlumberLuigi - February 26th, 2012

I've come up with a new concept, it's a little out there, but I think it's a great one. I will post more details soon.

It'll be a side-scroller in the vain of ActRasier and Zelda II.

Posted by LostPlumberLuigi - August 24th, 2011

New laptop, better animator, big plans, desktop administrator, and 20 years later......I'm back.

Got some cool animations planned, stay tuned!

Posted by LostPlumberLuigi - December 17th, 2008

My Laptop Broke AGAIN!!!!!!!!! This time it's a dead keyboard. You know what.......Just don't watch my profile anymore..... I'll probably never get anything up at this rate......

Posted by LostPlumberLuigi - December 6th, 2008

IK I said the first episode of Nintendo All Stars Adventures (New title TBA) would be up ALOT sooner....but I got high on this thing called life. It might be closer to Christmas before it gets up.
I've been working on some of my other flash stuff, more info on that TBA. Later.

Posted by LostPlumberLuigi - November 22nd, 2008

I JUST got my Laptop back! I'm working on EVERYTHING now. The first episode of Nintendo All-Star Adventures should be up sometime next month. More info on that when it comes available. THIS SITE WILL HAVE MY STUFF MONETARILY! JUST HOLD ON JUST A LITTLE LONGER! LATER KAPASOS!